Waterdrop 3D Silicone mold ML268

Siliconen mal voor waterdruppels van 10x15 mm met een gat / waterdruppel van 10 × 15.5 mm zonder gat, en oogje van 4 × 7 mm

Pour resin little by little up to just below the spout. Do not speard it to the out. Get rid of bubbles by sticking a toothpick. Cure it under the UV-LED lamp.
※Turn the mold over and cure it again with LED light.

Push the resin out from its back after cooling down.
※The resin has high temperature just after exposed. Please be careful.

Fill the hollow part with a small amount of resin and cure to make its shape round.

Set an eyebolt
Paste resin on eyebolt and insert it. Cure it again. It can be fasten with glue.